Hey there readers!!
I am super excited to introduce you to my NEW WEBSITE!!



I have moved all the blogposts from to this new domain webpage ( All the content is the same but everything will be posted here now!

There are a few new features that this website offers:

  1. You can sign up to ‘subscribe‘ to my blog! Every time I post an update it will be sent directly to your inbox!
  2. I will be starting ‘Music Mondays‘ where I make a post about a song that I think is inspiring, has a great meaning, or has a great story. That will happen every Monday!
  3. I will have a ‘Life With Summer & Zoë‘ page where I will occasionally post highlights of our life and some of the fun things we have been up to!
  4. I also have a page called ‘Inspire.’ The idea of this page is for people to leave messages of encouragement for other people who may be struggling in some way or another. You can leave short inspirational messages, scripture verses, coping strategies, short stories that offer hope or even funny quotes or jokes to just make people smile.

I will still post on my social media’s when I post a new blog (as I was doing before) but if you subscribe/follow my blog you can be sure to never miss one!!

Also, the website is not in its FINAL layout/template right now, so I do apologize in advance for a few changes that may come in the next few months, but hopefully nothing major!

Thank you to all the faithful readers who have made this website a possibility!

You ‘da best!

*Don’t forget to subscribe!!

Stay tuned for a blogpost tomorrow!

Much love,

Summer Schyff (& Zoë)

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