Personal Update and How You Can Pray For Me

Personal update and how you can pray for me: 

Right now, mentally, I am doing quite well! Praise The Lord! For the most part my OCD has been manageable and the dissociations have been minimal no big “episodes” where I run away, get lost, cut, and loose contact with reality (although at times I have to work really hard to fight them off 👊 I’ve learned coping skills that actually help!). Although things are all well right now I will still have bad days ahead. 🙏 Please pray that I will continue to take life one moment at a time. Pray that I will be able to remember the good days when I’m having bad days and most importantly pray that I have more good days!

I’ve been coming off of one of my main medications 💊 [nosinan-my antipsychotic] (due to side effects). The first time I came off of it I was a wreck!! I had a major dissociative episode and then almost 3 weeks of days after days of complete dissociation. So we went back on it and added a new medication that would hopefully replace the old one. I’m SO happy to say that this switch has been quite successful ! I’m almost off the nosinan (i was on 100mg now I’m down to 25mg!). 🙏 Please pray for the remainder of this switch! And that this new “mood stabilizer” continues to be effective.
My Dr says that if things continue to be stable and I’m feeling good we are looking at discharge from the hospital in a couple weeks! YAY! And I have a good feeling about this discharge because my team is so great, flexible, and supportive!
On the downside my seizures have really been acting up over the past week. They had been pretty controlled for such a long time but I’ve had 4 big ones this week and luckily only minor injuries have occurred! 🙏 Please pray that we can figure out why I’m having this flare all of a sudden. Please pray that these episodes stop happening. Pray for safety if they are to occur and pray for Zoë  as this is great training and experience for her! 🐶
“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7
In these troubled times (and all times) God isn’t just some far off god who created everything who now just sits back and watches us run around like maniacs…NO God is a loving humble God who actually cares for us! He can do anything in the entire universe but He chooses to come care for us and hold us up. How incredible is that?
Father, we are in awe of your love and character. We praise you for all you’ve done and all you have yet to do. Help us to love you with a passion even as we’re struggling.
A big thank you goes out to all of my prayer warriors out there-I have the most wonderful supporters from all over the world! God has really blessed me with the greatest friends and family, dog, Dr, rec therapist, and team ever!

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